Musics That I Love

I love music like the rest of the world.So i thought that would be fun to share it. Also i probably forget some of them in future so i try to write down every each one that i loved so i won't forget any of them in future.
(Or i'll forget about the /Music)

  • My favorite song of all time "MORNING OF SLAG RAVINE" from Laputa Castle in the Sky
  • Sakkijarven Polkka(A Fin Folk Song)
  • Carmnen Miranda's Ghost (A Filk Album)
  • Whiskey In The Jar//Rambling Rover//Broom o Cowdenknowes//Irish Rake//Black Velvet Band//Johnny Hardly Knew Ya'//Leave her Johnny//Betsy Bell and Marry Gray//Scotland The Brave//(Those all Ireland,Scotland folk songs god i love them)
  • Valhalla//Ballad of Apollo XIII//Pushing The Speed of Light// from Leslie Fish (More Filk song)
  • Katyusha & Korobeiniki(Russian Folk Song)
  • Every song from PHANTOM THE OPERA the Musical
  • Every song from HAMILTON the Musical
  • Every song from RISK OF RAIN the game (OST)
  • No Weapons Here from Shovel King OST
  • Songs from Studio Ghibli(Especially from Howls Moving Castle and Castle in the Sky)
  • Stayin' Alive//Electric Avenue//Alone Again Naturally//SPACE ODDITY//Rain drops keep fallin' on my head//We'll Meet Again(Oh Yeah old times babe)
Of course I can add links to every each of them but look.It is easier for for you to just google it.I really Love Space Oddity.So those were the songs that i actually love and have a special part in me.Except Risk of Rain Ost it is there cuz i love that game.I don't know how many people actually gonna google them but it is not for you anyway.I store them in here for future me.But anyway i hope you like it.

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