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Well today i opened that website and i'm happy about that.I guess that is the place that i can write about HOW COOL (and nerd) i am.I live in Turkey but i love English and i want to be good at it.That's why i'm writing here in English.

That's it for today


I wrote a code for a game here is a link. https://my-own-universe-in-internet.neocities.org/My-Own-Game.htmThat was a kinda mini game that you could play from SS13.I was really good at it also i wanted a make game.So i worked hard and made it.Also today is the day that Samurai Jack ended.IT WAS SUCH A AMAZING ENDING.I really loved the Season 5 i was wonderfull.

I'm really interested in filk music(Fictional Folk).But there is one named 'Valhalla'.I'm listening it more than 6 hours and it is still amazing.So if there is anyone reading those should listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSYNRlVqjfA.If you are also interested in filk music LISTEN CARMEN MIRANDA'S GHOST it is such an amazing album about Space age.See ya folks


Well my friend Ceylin and i made a bet on my game.Actually it wasn't a bet actually.But she won(she beat the 'EVIL WIZARD') and i have to buy her a candy 'cause she didn't enjoyed the real prize.Also there was a Physic exam today and i'm good at it.It was easy.


Well Huge updates.First I finished a game named NECROMANCER CLICKERI definelly inspired by the game named CANDY BOX it was really nice.So if you loved mine version YOU'LL DEFINELLY LOVE CANY BOX

Second I worked hard and made the first game perfect.Now there is no delay and it works perfectly.Thanks to "setTimeout".You should check the first game it is also really good (FIRST GAME EVER)

At the last but not least it is the last of school.It was really nice i met with really nice peoples and after summer it'll start again.I stack tons of game for summer so entertrainment won't be a problem.If something bad happens and i get really bored i have a chance to come back here and coding some more games.Or update NECROMANCER CLICKER i dunno.

See ya folks


Finally we have a NAVIGATION BAR.But i named it cocktail bar cuz it is fun.(Doesn't work on mobil but who cares fuck mobil)I also love bar type of places.It took me some time.I need to learn CSS dammit.ALSO i have a new game project in my mind.I haven't started yet.

You'll see new game when i finish it.


I finished the game that i inspired by TAMAGOTCHIs. They were toys of my childhood.I saw one of them in somewhere in internet than i thought it'll be a great idea to make one of 'em for me.It was a bad idea.It was pain. But it turned out pretty well (no it isn't).It is really hard to play i'll try to make it easy.(I'm not gonna).Also i am gonna open a page that you can contact with me which has got only my e-mail cuz why not? am i right internet safety?


Yo wazzup?Okay there is somethings that i want to talk about.First is about updates.I have been trying to found a way for users to talk with me.You know contact with me stuff and all that kinda things.I ended up adding a interface where you can text to me and me replying it BUT i figured that i am not online all the time but more importantly that shit looks legit cool.Cooler than the entire site so i deleted it no one can talk with me personally anymore unless e-mail.And then i thought why not an online chat.So i used a website called ... i don't remember Chatra? maybe i dunno.So you guys can talk with each other and if you're and i lucky enough we all can chat and stuff.I think online chat is waaay cooler than guest book.

Also today i am going to holiday where i can swim draw pictures and than swim and eat and AAAAAAAAA!!!!.So holiday is a good thing everyone needs it. Also apperantly there will be no update for a week.I also have no good idea to work on it for website.Actually i have one but i haven't got enough brainz to do so untill i collect and gather some knowledge of CSS untill that time...Bye Bye [Insert a good joke over here]


Well i came back from holiday like a two weeks ago.And i have updates.But first let's start with my life.I have dental braces so i finally complete my evolution as a teenager nerd with doing all Star Trek, space, and math stuff.This is the first day.

Remember the game that im talking about that i was trying to learn CSS to make it happen.Well it didn't go very well i wasn't able to do anything that was in my mind BUT i updated the beat the evil wizard game now you can play it with keyboard and ALSO it has a level 2 yeah level 2 is way more different that the original.And level 2 has quite an AI into it.It can see you moves and act according to it and i think that's awesome.But level two is incredibly hard to complete even i struggled to beat it up.But hey that just more fun am i right?



Hey i wonder if you spot the difference in the mainpage.I was using CSS and iframe to make a wonderfull index page.But it wasn't wonderfull enough.It was only looking cool in the window that is about 1280-800(?) px size.And that was making mobile users and some other pc users unable to enter.First i used two iframes and incredible amount of CSS.It was awesome untill i zoom in/out or use mobile.

And then i finally checked some other websites.And i started using frames.It was super easy and i felt like dumb.Whatever it all looks nice now.


first of all first time that i wrote something here date was 09/04 now it is 04/09 so that's why it is a good day to write something.First of all i added a miscellaneous part to the website and with everyting i did i claim myself as "not so good but enough good" at CSS(YAY!! me).

Second of all is about Necromancer clicker.I deleted all the old code and start making it from zero.It's going to be my biggest project so far and it is going so well.IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME.Also in this process BoB the ShopKeeper had to live without home & and job for a while.He has no money and food so be carefull around him.


A one week after that day day my school starts.But more importantly I FINISHED Necromancer Clickerv0.2.Dude such a great experince none would believe how many ASCii art that i saw in 3 days of development.There was a point that i give up and made my own (rituel area) ASCii art for my own game.Well that was fun.I have a better and more fun to play games in my mind


Where am i? What am i doing?

Oh thanks for asking.Errm the reason that i wasn't updating 'cuz school started.Y'know like studying and drawing art and stuff. Also i joined like tons of project in school. And that's how probably im going to go to the Portuga!!(It's not a Scottland but it's a thing). I also was working on our class-blog-thing. I post stuff about our class and homework so we don't forget. So that's why i wasn't able to update MY LOVELY UNIVERSE.I'm also trying to learn jQuery which is something like SUPER-AWESOME.But for now only update that's in my mind is Place_That_I_Write_My_Thoughts.I use CSS and stuff to make it pretty.I don't know what type a blog page i want to use.I'll figure it out.See ya!!


Well i got a shitty computer with 256MB RAM(and Windows XP but it's not that bad XP is so cute).I kinda sukcs and there is almost so little time to spend on computer so i spend my time with playing SPELUNKY and Kingdom Of Loathing.Am i still try'na learn jQuery? No.

So next time when i wrote something in here it going to be about me finally finishing Spelunky cuz i ain't planning coding and updating for a "good amount of time"


Oh god i finished Spelunky.It was much eaiser than i thought.Also who cares about the thing i said 4 days ago i am planning to code something and that thing is Robot Finds Kitten.It's a game from really early times i found some HTML versions so i am going to "reverse engineer" them and figure out a way.

Well also after 1 month i finally updated the Blog part


Well in recent days i hit 10.000 hit so YAY!! ME!!.'Cause of that i might change my main page.

But the main reason that im writing that i just finised THE MAZE.It was so boring to just get the cordinates and write them down but i nailed it and i turned out pretty nicely.Also when i making the maze i thought that making a maze is super hard and it also playable for only once.So what i thought is that i could write an algorthm that creates random mazes.So i had it in my mind i i dunno how it'll turn out.We'll see.


Wait really is it actually 22 of the month?Dude time flies really fast.In between my exams i finished THE TOUGH MAZE i also wrote an algorthm for a Random Maze I also made a copy for Sokoban.It was a nice experince they also were super hard while also working on exams.At the End everything was succesfull.For future i want to come to an end with javascript and start projects with jQuery and maybe C++ but like we all know that it's not gonna happen(at least soon).I also really want to have my version of Oregon Trail.It'll be called Dragon Trail and it'll be awesome.I am planning to start it like A LOT OF time after now.So don't wait any update from me like at least ONE MONTH.BYE BYE


With using the engine of The Tough Maze.I made have started to a kind of a platformer game.I am bored of this engine i just want to finish Sokoban and platformer and then i burry all of them in /Tough Maze and then i am gonna make a Level3 of Beat the Evil Wizard as a turn based RPG.After that maybe i turn back into the Maze Engine and make a cage fight or an RPG!!.


Happy New Yea....it's to late for that isn't.Whatever.It's been a more than a month i was updating the webstie i was trying to make type a platformer without canvas(don't do that).It's kinda nice but it's definellyn not nice.But with that now i know i could make top-down RPG or A story-teller.Making platformer was super-nice but i want to be better so i want to try my chances on canvas.

Also past one month i was playing Legend of Zelda OoT.It's a wonderful game that everyone needs to play(Everyone who doesn't have Breath of the Wild).


6 damn month since the last time i've posted a blog.Damn that's a long time.Between that time period i had a chance to go to a vacation in Portuga.Truly a place worth visiting it was incredibly beautiful.But now im back to Turkey and i had a pretty rough week of exams

Well you might noticed that i wasn't updating much on Neocities.Well it's because i use neocities as a way of learning coding and doing some stuff.Recently i've been working on with C# on Unity.I already made a long procces and i made a lot of cool games & such.I'm became really good at it yays for me!!

I also started using Viritual Studio as my work enviroment in coding since it's way better than it's on neocities.I'll keep posting the games i made in here though.But mainly i'll use here to communite and express myself in this very cute blog.That's why i didn't updated main page and the other stuff.The main page of this website is the first thing that i coded and i don't want to change it.Also now i see the whole "I'm new to coding stuff" in my website.

See you all later folks.I'm out!!


Another evening,
I slept for too long, right
Floating through the sky
I ask myself again
What am I to do here?

Looking at the sunset,
sorrowful again
my heart is being swayed by the waves
I'm giving in

This feeling of apathy is familiar
As if I belong here
This place is my,
My own universe

Another day,
feeling weak
Running through the snow
I want to just believe

This place is my,
My own universe
This place is my,
My own universe,
This place is my,
My own universe
on the net


Wait i am back? no way. Well recently i have been reminded that i have this website full of cringe blog posts and lovely memories. Well i started university like a month ago and if you can't tell i not a webdeveloper. It seems i am to be a doctor. Who would have guessed huh? I am not entirely disconnected from coding however i am getting better at it by the day. God i missed blogging, it does make me feel calmer just writing here using neocities's bright colored text editor.

I am not the author of the poem above, some friend wrote it

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