In the year 1970 and the 11th of April. A space shuttle with her three crew members James A. Lovell Jr Fred W. Haise and John L. Swigert started their journey towards the moon.None could have guessed what was going to happen

The No. 2 oxygen tank, serial number 10024X-TA0009, had been previously installed in the service module of Apollo 10, but was removed for modification and damaged in the process. The tank was fixed(?), tested at the factory, installed in the Apollo 13 service module.But in T+ 02:07:55:35 so called fixed tank exploded into bits leaving nothing but chaos and desparation

Luckly crew member had a army of geniuses back on Earth.They used landing module as a life boat and used moon as a sling when they changed their route to home.

After 4 days of low food low heat and exhaustion they managed to come back to home planet in 17th of April 1970.

Apollo 13 tells us the story of 3 men stranded in space hardly communicating with Earth.Keeping the hope as they dream of their wives and daughters.Story of course inspires most of sci-fi authors and fiction lover folks out there and will continue to spread hope even in the emptiness